Controlled via incremental encoders and light sensor systems, the Orbiter shuttle puts the pallets in the rack channel and returns to the docking station on the SRM
Schaefer Orbiter System
The supplied pallets are transferred to the conveying system.
supplied pallets are transferred to the conveying system

The Project

The extremely flexible SOS moves on two rails and does not need an upper guide rail.

By building a fully automated compact warehouse, SSI SCHAEFER as general contractor realized one of the most modern logistics solutions in the beverage industry for the beverage manufacturer Gerolsteiner. The implemented design with channel storage, Schaefer Lift&Run-System, Orbiter shuttles, and intelligent material flow control from the warehouse management system provides Gerolsteiner with an optimal use of space, increase of availability, delivery capacity, and service quality, high through-put as well as modern work stations. Beyond that, this solution offers options for further growth of the beverage manufacturer.

In two construction phases, from mid 2011 to September 2012, SSI SCHAEFER realized for Gerolsteiner one of the most modern and efficient warehouse and material flow concepts in the beverage industry. First, a warehouse complex with 9,300 storage positions was built directly at the one-way-filling system for storage of one-way products that cover 20 % of the  Gerolsteiner truss. After start-up in November 2011, the second construction phase of the compact warehouse started which led to double the capacity.

In the new, six aisle high-bay warehouse Gerolsteiner now has available around 19,000 pallet storage location. Beyond that, the design leaves room for a possible extension of the capacities up to 60,000 storage positions. The entire design is geared to sustainability and the distribution center is modularly expendable. If necessary, a further warehouse complex can thus be smoothly connected to the existing warehouse, the conveyor system, and the IT. With its path-optimized design and efficiency advantages the compact warehouse has further a positive effect on the CO2-balance of Gerolsteiner, offers significantly more storage capacity, and simplifies the service offers of the beverage manufacturer.

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