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In the food and beverage business, it is common to have products with different requirements regarding storage conditions. Some of the goods require dry storage at room temperature, others need to be cooled, and some even have to be deep-frozen. This is the situation for Pistor AG, the largest independent wholesaler of foodstuffs in Switzerland

The company supplies bakeries, pastry shops and catering businesses with a large selection of ingredients, intermediate goods and ready-to-serve products. To achieve the long-term goal of offering a full product range, Pistor AG needed to rebuild its distribution centre in Rothenburg (CH). For Pistor, this meant nothing less than the largest investment in company history. And even for us, this was project was far from ordinary.

Objectives of the project:

  • Providing picked pallets dynamically
  • Integrating the small-package warehouse as a subsystem and connecting the outgoing goods buffer
  • Providing goods both static and dynamically at one front
  • Setting up picking places for small-scale and large-scale orders
  • Testing the new facility during full operation
  • Improving energy efficiency

The different types of food all ask for adequate order picking strategies. Furthermore, integrating the existing small-package warehouse during full operation was a particular challenge in this project. Deliveries to the customers were not supposed to stop for any period of time during the construction phase.

The new distribution centre allows a peak performance in order picking of around 400 tonnes a day. In the goods-in section, the facility handles up to 155 pallets per hour. This is made possible not just by modern technology, but also by sophisticated picking strategies and ergonomically designed workplaces.

Nevertheless, a distribution centre can only be as good as the warehouse management software behind it. So we decided to go with the WAMAS Warehouse Management System, which is capable of combining all the different components Pistor has into one powerful facility. What’s more, WAMAS communicates effectively with other software the company is currently using.

Pallet and tray warehouse for foodstuffs

For Pistor, working with SSI Schaefer was a great success. As a result of the investment decision, the company benefits from reduced costs in processes and personnel. The new distribution centre allows Pistor to expand the range of products as well as its overall business operation.

There’s still more information available about this project and the technologies we used. Please follow this links provided on the right or contact us directly to find out more.

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