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The solar industry is generally seen as a vital sector in fighting global warming. SMA Solar Technology from Kassel, Germany is the world market leader in photovoltaic inverters and invests heavily in efficient warehouse logistics.

The company picked SSI Schaefer as its partner to implement the intralogistical equipment inside the new logistics centre. In this facility, SMA combines the logistical processes for the material supply of the production. For this reason alone, process security was a high priority.

Person-to-goods order picking

Objectives of the project:

  • Achieving the highest possible process security
  • Keeping the operation flexible and scalable
  • Enabling just-in-time supply of the production
  • Swift completion of the project
Automatic small parts storage system

At SMA, we set up a 5-aisles automatic small parts warehouse (miniload) in the service area and a semi-automatic warehouse system forsmall load carriers. In the service area, SMA collects and stores faulty photovoltaic inverters sent in by customers. There are 9,940 storage positions available for this in the miniload.

Every tray in the automatic small parts store is clearly marked with an RFID tag, which means that its position is always known to the warehouse management system. The assembly control system initiates the stock removal of faulty inverters. After the repair they are again stored inside the miniload.

The project was a complete success. Just ten months passed from the start of the planning phase to the first partial run-up. With about 1,200 totes per hour, the system is very powerful, but still has some reserve capacity to support the future growth of SMA.

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The Projekt in detail

Feedback from our customer: „The complete solution from SSI Schaefer precisely matches our requirements for streamlined and flexible process design.“
Dr. Armin Lohse, Vice President Launch Management & Supply Chain at SMA

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