In Wermelskirchen, SSI Schaefer has constructed a new automated central warehouse for Suer Nutzfahrzeugtechnik GmbH. The intelligent combination of an automated pallet warehouse and small parts warehouse with connected conveyor technology, combined with a link to the manual warehouse, enables the company to serve some 17 000 customers faster, more efficiently and more transparently.

The conversion and modernisation work got underway at Suer in June 2012 after a two-year planning and preparation phase. One of the old warehouses was completely demolished, to be replaced by a new, 1700 sqm automated central warehouse that joined the existing manual warehouse. Operations continued as usual during the conversion.

Project objectives

▶ Shorter delivery times
▶ Improved delivery capability
▶ Faster picking speed
▶ Improved efficiency
▶ Increased capacity

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Pytania i porady

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