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Dynamic Storage and Picking Systems for Optimized Dispatch of Dairy Products

Tine SA, located in Oslo, pursues ambitious goals. Norway’s largest producer of dairy products desired an expansion that enabled them to achieve sustainable cost reductions. Therefore, the cooperative, consisting of 15,000 Norwegian dairy producers, restructured and optimized its presence on the southwest coast. In Jæren, around 30 km south of Stavanger, the group of companies has erected one of the most modern production facilities. The dairy production was consolidated from four old production facilities from the nearby area into one, new 25,000 m² facility. 200 million liters of milk are processed every year.

The logistics of perishables, especially dairy products, present a special challenge when it comes to storage and picking. In addition to the temperature control requirements between +2° to +8° C, dairy products have a comparably shorter shelf life and minimum durability that require a rather high throughput which must be considered when developing these processes. They require short periods for the handling of logistics processes, a fast throughput and direct transports. The dynamic warehouse and picking system from SSI Schaefer optimized the throughput for Tine in the supply chain from farmer to refrigerated shelf.

  • Logistiksoftware WAMAS
  • Rollenbahn, die zugleich als Bereitstellungspuffer für knapp 30 Paletten dient

The Project

With the implementation of a temperature-controlled high-bay warehouse (HBW) for dairy products, SSI Schaefer has realized one of the most modern production and logistics systems for the Norwegian market leader Tine SA. With the implementation of automated processes, efficiency has increased 30 %. The project will enable the company to save up to 7 million Euros per year. Core piece of the facility is the temperature-controlled HBW.

Nearly 7,200 pallet storing positions are available in the four aisles of the warehouse complex. Four modern storage and retrieval machines carry out the storage and retrieval processes. They are optimally designed for the operation in temperature-controlled warehouses. The pallet-SRMs installed at Tine are equipped with a shuttle car as load handling device, which enables a three to four-fold deep storage in the rack channels. Tine places around 50 new products on the market every year, meaning that the change and the extension of the range of products require storage capacities and a logistics software that are designed with high flexibility and efficient processes.

Automated guided vehicles move the storage pallets from the adjoining production building into the distribution center. Navigated by laser, they forward the pallets in the production building to the conveying system in the HBW. Additional in-feed stations including vertical conveyors are available in front of the HBW. Two redundantly designed conveyor lines handle four in-feed and four out-feed spurs of the HBW. An additional roller conveyor also acts as provision buffer and serves the out-feed stations at the goods shipping gates. The roller conveyor is connected with the conveying system from the production area, meaning that order pallets can also be sent directly to the goods shipping area. The logistics software WAMAS is responsible for Tine’s goods receiving and shipping registration including loading control as well as stock and storing position management. For efficient order completion, WAMAS furthermore considers different retrieval strategies.

Fahrerlose Transportsysteme (FTS) befördern die Einlagerungspaletten aus dem angrenzenden Produktionsgebäude
  • Die von SSI Schäfer installierte Palettenfördertechnik umfasst mehr als 400 m.
  • Bei Tine installierte Paletten-RBG erzielen eine Leistung von 33 Doppelspielen bzw. 55 Einzelspielen pro h

Customer statement

“Our increased productivity requires intralogistic processes that are based on sustainability and efficiency. Therefore, we have constructed the new distribution center right next to the production facility. With the consolidation of production and storage facilities, and the new automated system, we expect to achieve great cost savings every year. The now consistently automated processes from production via storage to good shipping will be the key to reaching this goal. We are now saving many transports by the centralization of the warehouse locations and the automated processes in one of the most modern production and logistic systems. We are simultaneously increasing the throughput significantly and get extensive process reliability. At the current quantity, we are therefore expecting efficiency increases by 30 percent. Concerning performance and flexibility, the plant furthermore offers a capacity buffer for future growth. So the Jæren location is an important basis for our future growth.”

Ingvar Løge, Facility Manager of the new facility of Tine SA in Jæren



Intralogistical key figures

Total picking area

20.000 m2

High-bay warehouse area

2.145 m2

Number of work stations (ws)

3 (2x NOK ws; 1x defoiling ws)

Items in the product line

more than 300

Throughput shipping

200 pallets per day

High-Bay Warehouse (HBW)

L x W x H

65 x 33 x 19 m

Loading aids

EURO and CHEP pallets

Storage positions



max. 1.200 kg

Type of storage

Three-fold/four-fold deep

Ambient air temperature

+ 5 °C

HBW – Storage and Retrieval Machine (SRM)



Load handling device

Shuttle car

Traveling speed

170 m/min

Lifting speed

45 m/min


33 double-cycles/h
55 single-cycles/h

Pallet Conveying System


Roller conveyor, chain conveyor (total length 415 m), in-feed/out-feed station, vertical conveyor, pallet turn table, turning roller conveyor 90°, high speed doors

Warehouse Management System

Data base system

Oracle 11

Logistics software



  • Warehouse management
  • Goods receiving/shipping
  • Connection from production via AGVs
  • Support of production
  • Material flow control
  • Visualization
  • Radio data transmission system
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