pallet protection by two parallelly installed stretchers in goods receiving

Since 2002, A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel GmbH is a 100 % subsidiary of Edeka Handelsgesellschaft Südwest mbH and beverage logistics provider for the Edeka food retailer in the South-West of Germany. The company runs two warehouses in Offenburg and Balingen. From the warehouse the wholesaler supplies 125 of the 600 customers per day with up to 110 routes. The first routes for the following day are handled in the afternoon, the following and shift change-over routes, however, are loaded in the morning to early afternoon of the supply day. During beverage season, 124,000 – at peak times up to 160,000 – palletized full-product packages, beverage crates, boxes and carriers are leaving the distribution center every day. To achieve such handling capacities, the company had its processes automated during full operation between January 2011 and June 2012.

Fully Automated Preparation for Shipment
As number one beverage logistics provider across Germany, Kempf presents a fully automated, two-phase preparation for shipment. The goods-shipping system was put into operation after only 6 months of implementation.

The Project

Relocation from order into tour buffer: SRMs separately handle each single pallet with special load-handling devices

With a novel plant design for a two-phase automated shipping buffer in the beverage industry, SSI SCHAEFER, Giebelstadt, implemented a concept for the beverage wholesaler A. Kempf in Balingen that doubles throughput and capacities and enables a route-friendly handling without standby times for trucks. The shipping section is therefore divided in two areas: an order and a tour buffer. The picked order pallets are forwarded to the pallet conveying system at two floor-level double-pallet in-feed stations and introduced to the automated process of the two-phase shipping buffer. The storable order pallets then pass through the stretchers and are provided with EAN-labels. They reach the respective storage level in the order buffer via vertical conveyors.

Tour buffer: Store-friendly compiled orders in goods shipping. The specific sequence of items

After the routes for the delivery of the customer orders were determined and the route schedule was fixed, a relocation of the pallets from the order into the tour buffer is done in the shipping buffer. Storage and retrieval machines (SRM) accept the pallets stored in the order buffer and relocate them to the channels of the tour buffer. Thus, the orders are compiled to optimal routes and allocated in the goods shipping area for a fast transfer. Meanwhile, a specific sequence for the provision of the tour channels is generated. Despite the lateral loading at the warehouse, the trucks are still loaded in such a way that an optimal discharge of the load from the rear of the truck is possible at delivery. By reduction of the set-up times, the automated processes at the labeling and relocation as well as the system induced order and tour compilations, Kempf was able to increase its throughput from 90 to 240 pallets per hour and to nearly double the capacity of the shipping buffer with 1,872 storing positions. The plant capacity of up to 160,000 colli per day covers further leaps in growth.

Statement of the customer
„ By adding automation and implementing a two-phase shipping process we were able to increase our process efficiency and ensure our daily readiness for delivery. With the implementation of an automated order and tour buffer we managed to time the provision of goods in such a way that the yard throughput times for trucks on peak days were optimized from formerly up to four hours to less than one hour. A harmonic, on-schedule course of the project with the implementation of a unique, innovative design with which an individual, highly efficient, fully automated solution was implemented that exceeded our requirements and has the potential to establish a new solution for the beverage industry. Therewith, the specialists of SSI SCHAEFER particularly demonstrated their know-how and process understanding for intra-logistics in the beverage industry. We are very pleased with the results.“

Christian Melchior, Divisional Managing Director of A. Kempf Getränkegroßhandel GmbH, Offenburg

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