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With its roughly 1,800 sales outlets, Optic 2000 is the market leader of the French optics industry. Customers may have their spectacles delivered directly to the stores for pick-up. Audioptic, a subsidiary of Optic 2000, had previously consolidated 4 minor logistics facilities into one central centre in Clamart, France. Now, the task was to optimize this facility in order to shorten the time required from order receipt to dispatch.

The challenge arose from the fact that the company places different requirements on its order picking system. Spectacles assembly relies on a steady inflow of material, whereas the stores produce infrequent demands, with a peak around late afternoon. The company intended to optimize the facility’s workload under these circumstances.

Objectives of the project:

  • Increase the production capacity without expanding the workforce
  • Handle the goods-in of 15 to 20 suppliers every day
  • Dispatch and deliver all orders that come in before 18:30 before 9:00 on the following day
  • Fulfil the needs of 1,800 outlets
  • Order picking of 900 totes per hour and 19,000 SKUs
  • Implementing an interface with production through tray conveying
  • Connecting the system with SAP
Double-sided live storage shelves

SSI Schaefer set up a conveyor system with 9 spurs. At the start of a new order, the operator has to choose whether it’s an order for a sales outlet or for production. The tote then passes through as many spurs as required. After each station, the staff sends the tote to its next destination.

Order picking

Furthermore, a special solution was necessary so that the totes for the sales outlets and the trays for production can run on the same conveyor and get picked together. Information about the occupancy of the spurs allows the staff to start new orders according to the current workload of the system.

The new order picking system achieves all the goals of the project and makes sure that Audioptic and the Optic 2000 group can expand further.

There is more information available on this project and the technologies we used. Please download the PDF version of the case study or contact us directly.

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„SSI SCHAEFER most accurately processed our request for proposal. From a technical point of view, SSI SCHAEFER was the only company that could guarantee a successful integration of the existing shelves into the conveying system.“
Stéphane Lemaire, Head of Logistics at AudiOptic

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