Order picking with pick-by-voice

In case your printer runs out of ink, you can’t just switch to writing by hand. Customers therefore expect office supplies to be available upon short notice and want them delivered quickly. In a large country – such as France – this is a challenge to be met only with high-performing logistics equipment.

UFP, a French mail order company for office supplies, has made the fast fulfilment of orders a primary objective. The company awarded the contract to equip a new logistics centre to SSI Schaefer, expecting to receive a turnkey system highly customised to its particular requirements. The individual components were supposed to interact without interface conflicts, in order to facilitate deliveries within 48 hours.

Objectives of the project:

  • Throughput capacity of 50,000 packages per day
  • Greater transparency and control in warehouse processes
  • Delivery to customers within 48 hours of order receipt
Replenishments for the carton live storage rack

Upon completion of the facility, 29,000 sqm of storage space are now available. Aside from type PR 600 pallet racks, the facility features a shelving system (R3000) and carton live storage.

Considering that the stored items are rather small, for example toner / ink cartridges, the racking system with its 12,000 pallet storage positions can accommodate an enormous amount of goods. But it’s not just the size; the company now also achieves outstanding results when it comes to speed. With its new logistics centre, UFP manages to dispatch up to 3,500 packages per hour. A combination of different order picking methods is the driving force behind this.

A-Frame order picking system

UFP uses an A-frame high-speed picking system to pick small items. The staff refills the A-frame from a carton live storage rack. Order pickers work with a pick-by-voice system to pick larger items directly onto a conveyor. In order to reduce error rates in delivery, all the cartons have to pass a control point with a scale and photographic recording of its content. A central warehouse management system supervises the entire material flow in the facility.

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