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V&D, short for Vroom and Dreesmann, is one of the largest department store chains
in The Netherlands. The products range from clothing, shoes, food, home electric appliances, kitchen utensils, furniture, stationary, outdoor and camping equipment, to books and CD’s. In 2006, the company officially changed its name to V&D and undertook a strategic re-positioning of its activities in order to continue the expansion strategy and distribution efficiency, and also maintain continuous growth in the future. As part of this strategy, V&D decided to introduce e-commerce as a distribution channel for its goods.

Hängefördertechnik von SSI SCHÄFER

SSI SCHÄFER as intralogistics partner for V&D

In order to become the multi-channel (stores and e-commerce) distribution retailer that it is today, V&D was compelled to reorganize its distribution process. Thus, the company decided to bring the activities of the distribution centers in Utrecht and Amsterdam into one scalable DC located in Nieuwegein. V&D chose to work with SSI SCHAEFER early on due to the great planning and consulting that the SSI SCHAEFER experts provided especially in terms of data analysis. Both companies worked closely together to develop a solution that not only would answer V&D’s requirements in terms of performance but also took into consideration any future changes that might occur.

SSI SCHÄFER is manufacturer for overheady conveying technology

Based on the requirements of V&D, SSI SCHAEFER developed a solution for the new DC which is also suitable for B2C business activities. With this new DC and the integration of the B2C business, V&D
intends to handle 46 Mio. pieces per year, 40,000 SKU’s with a ratio of 70/30 for flat packed goods
and goods on hangers by 2020. The challenge for SSI SCHAEFER was then to develop a solution
that was modular enough to absorb the growing number of SKUs and the changes in the business
structure. The general flows for the new DC follow the normal business behavior of the fashion industry.
The flow for the “push” to the shops is called “flow through” (FT). During this flow the shops get their first
shipment of goods (which they sell to the market). The flow for the “pull” is called “put away” (PA). During
this flow the shops can reorder products from the DC which they have already sold.

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Case Study overhead conveying
Case Study overhead conveying

SSI Schaefer’s new overhead conveying technology in action at V&D.

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