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Danish furniture company JYSK Nordic A/S is among the largest in its industry and is presumed to be the internationally most successful company of Denmark. The enormous amount of products however poses a real challenge to the supply chain. For supporting the growth in Eastern Europe and the expansion into new markets, JYSK decided to build a new logistics centre in Radomsko, Poland. The contract was awarded to SSI Schaefer.

The new distribution centre is supposed to supply all of Middle and Eastern Europe and also provide the basis to deliver to Russia and China. Therefore, the new facility was planned to hold 5,000 SKU on 100,000 m² of floor space. It was clear from the beginning that the dimensions of the logistics centre and the sheer amount of goods would require particularly careful planning and highly efficient technology.

High bay warehouse for pallets

Objectives of the project:

  • Merging the Polish warehouses into one, for a centralized supply of Middle and Eastern
  • EuropeProviding additional capacity for expanding into new markets
  • Accelerating order fulfilment and increasing throughput
  • Future-proofing by allowing for doubling the capacity when needed
  • Introducing an intelligent, travel-time reducing material flow concept
Pallet feed-in

The facility’s layout is exceptional. SSI Schaefer set up 2 high bay warehouses, to which 2 more may be added as necessary, to double warehousing capacities. Our planers also designed the conveying system connecting the high bay warehouses with goods-in and dispatch, in such a way as to handle the extra throughput of 2 additional high bay warehouses.

The new logistics centre manages up to 900 pallets per hour at goods-in and dispatch. Handling capacity is geared towards medium and long-term growth and currently operates at around 60%.

Storage and retrieval devices in the high bay warehouses‘ 24 aisles store the pallets chaotically and double-deep. Storage capacity is approximately 170,000 pallets and may be doubled later, as mentioned before. The warehouse management system by SSI Schaefer controls and manages the entire material flow.

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Feedback from our customer:
„SSI Schaefer has realized a project with state-of-the-art system components and numerous specialities.“
Jacek Przerwa, system- and technical director of the JYSK-logistics centre in Radomsko

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